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Date: Wed Dec 19 2001 - 22:28:39 PST

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    Forwarded from: Rob Harvie <hstfixerat_private> is NOT a porn site.
    It is a humorous site that contains off beat and adult humor, and yes,
    has links to adult sites.  But the site itself is not.  It is owned an
    managed by an "Ernie" who was in the USAF and is A-OK guy by me.
    He has so far collected over $16,000 to assist service members who
    cannot afford to in getting transportation home.
    Most of the site is off color commentary with links to images that are
    primarily geared to males. (no offense ladies) And nowadays is more
    than likely to feature various ways of disposing of taliban members
    and also young nubile females in various stages of undress. (Again,
    sorry ladies, I am just reporting the facts!)
    See for yourselves,
    InfoSec News wrote:
    > Forwarded from: Someone who probably wouldn't want their work
    > address listed. :)
    > The guys at had a link to which is I
    > think a porn site (or at least a site that Fark lists as "not safe
    > for work").  Since the guy that runs this site used to be a navy
    > pee-on, he knows what it is like to be away from family on the
    > holidays.  He is taking up money and trying to buy a couple of
    > airline tickets for the soldier with the best sob story.  If he
    > gets enough money for more then one, he will try to by as many as
    > he can.
    > You can go to the site for details, but I know that a couple of
    > your readers may be interested in chipping in.
    > - Anonymous
    > >>> William Knowles <wkat_private> 12/17/01 02:24AM >>>
    > Sometime ago with the holidays around the corner, some of you were
    > curious on ways to adopt a serviceman or woman serving either here or
    > overseas. From what I understood the Department of Defense stopped
    > forwarding parcels and mail from anonymous parties about the time of
    > the Anthrax attacks to the U.S. Government.
    > I did however keep my ears and eyes open and I think I might have
    > something that you all might be interested in, from the website...
    > [...]
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