[IWAR] MER: IW attack on Jordan

From: Mark Hedges (hedgesat_private)
Date: Thu Feb 05 1998 - 15:59:11 PST

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    Ann Rosenthal wrote:
    >One of the real dangers of waging  information warfare is believing
    >the propaganda you generate.
    I'll keep this in mind. I think this implies a difference between
    "propaganda" and "fact". Certainly a lot of propaganda is opinionated
    statement, but some is based on very clear fact. Much of Chomsky's
    "propaganda" is based on well-documented facts.
    Examples (my own):
    "CIA agents were photographed with and trained Contra generals. Some of
    these Contra officers later smuggled drugs into the United States for
        - This appears to be a fact, based on journals, newspaper articles,
          the actual photographs, testimonies in Iran/Contra, etc.
    "CIA agents were photographed with and trained Contra drug smugglers who
    poisoned inner-city African Americans with the evil of crack."
        - This appears to be propaganda, because it implies the CIA agents
          trained the Contra generals for the purpose of suppressing the poor.
          Although facts _can_ be altered or "spun", the available facts do
          not appear to support proveable truth in this statement.
       1 CIA trained Contras
       2 Contras imported crack
       3 crack is evil
       False conclusion from (1,2,3):          CIA is evil
    Disbelieving propaganda is good; disbelieving proven fact is dangerous.
       1 CIA trained Contras
       2 Contras imported crack
       3 crack is evil
       Supportable conclusions from (1,2,3): 1 CIA should hire better generals
                                             2 crack-importing generals are evil
    As for me being "nervous" or taking things "personally", I suppose I just
    don't want to die. These subjects should be taken seriously, because they
    affect everyone. I'm annoyed when argument on such a serious subject in
    such a learned forum uses blatant ad hominems like "no longer uses Jr. in
    his name" and other statements which do not bear on the issue at hand.
    Is MER a good source of accurate information about the Middle East, or not?
    Mark Hedges
    I earlier wrote:
    >> I believe Noam Chomsky, for one, maintains a reputation for entirely
    >> reasonable and accurate information.

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