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Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 08:51:23 PDT

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    Gee... Talk about your "Pregnant Pause"...
    Okay, I'll soon have a multiple boot system that can be used
    to test performance of 2.4.4 with and without the patches. 
    Before I devise a benchmark program to do so, does anyone have
    any thoughts about exactly *what* you would like to see tested?
    (e.g, a list of calls, a well known program, etcetera?)
    And, does anybody else have a similar situation on any platform
    other than i586 who would like to assist?  The current patch looks
    very good, to me (layman's view), but, since I'm not a kernel hacker,
    I would like to look for "proof in the 'pudding'".
    The system I'm using is based on the RedHat 7.0 release, with the 
    package upgrades suggested in /usr/src/linux/Documentation/Changes
    installed, on an i586 with a bogomips of 199 (yes, it's slow, but 
    it's there to be destroyed.)
    Also, if anybody is interested in helping with the documentation 
    (Code->English/*) translation for this project so we can all end 
    up with an authoritative document to help build/rebuild LSMs, I'm
    interested in getting started on that, so let me know.
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