Re: Notes from the Real World

From: Seth Arnold (sarnoldat_private)
Date: Tue May 01 2001 - 14:23:54 PDT

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    * jmjonesat_private <jmjonesat_private> [010501 08:57]:
    > Before I devise a benchmark program to do so, does anyone have
    > any thoughts about exactly *what* you would like to see tested?
    The first two that come to mind: lmbench and kernel compiles. (lmbench
    can be downloaded from
    > Also, if anybody is interested in helping with the documentation 
    I think I can also be useful here; however, I intend to hold off
    starting until the code base reaches a more mature state. I think when a
    few of the folks say they will begin porting their code to the new
    structure is about the time to start documentation. Before that we run
    the risk of documenting an old revision. :)
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