Re: [patch] Hook in do_kern_mount

From: James Morris (jmorrisat_private)
Date: Tue Sep 24 2002 - 07:32:44 PDT

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    On Mon, 23 Sep 2002, Stephen Smalley wrote:
    > There didn't appear to be any opposition to the sb_kern_mount hook.  Any
    > objections to committing the sb_kern_mount patches to the lsm-2.4 and
    > lsm-2.5 BitKeeper trees?
    > On a different note, it would be good if the remaining hooks (IPC,
    > miscellaneous system, and socket/networking) could be submitted to the
    > appropriate maintainers soon so that there is time for feedback and
    > revisions before the feature freeze date.
    - James
    James Morris
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