[logs] Re: Reviewing Vista/2k3 log files from the same platform

From: Eric Fitzgerald (Eric.Fitzgerald@private)
Date: Mon Jan 15 2007 - 17:20:00 PST

Hey Tina!

> For years one of my *favorite* parts of Microsoft logging is that
> event IDs *have* remained consistent across versions of the operating
> systems...
> What's the plan for heterogeneous Windows

We almost always kept the same event ID's from version to version
pre-Vista.  The problem was that the tools didn't do well correlating
events or finding a subset of events with a similar characteristic so
we'd either split an event ID into two, or combine two into one,
depending on which problem was being complain^h^h^h emphasized more at
the time.

However we did a whole bunch of event cleanup in Vista and the resulting
events were different enough from their pre-Vista equivalents to break
automation.  So we had to renumber, to save you.  But I knew that folks
like you on this list would want to leverage your pre-Vista knowledge
instead of memorizing 300-odd new events.

So here is my New Years' gift to all of you.

For almost all security log events, EventId(Vista) = EventId(PreVista) +

You can do it in your head- add 4000, add 100, subtract 4.  528 -->
4624, etc.

Best regards,
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